Over time, lashes may thin

Did you know that over time your eyelashes may be thinning? Studies show that as you age the thickness of your lashed decrease as you get older. The same studies show that the length and color of your lashes diminishes as you age. Allergan, the maker of Latisse, analyzed these studies to create the best solution for the thinning eyelash problem. With the help of Latisse, 78% of the people using Latisse saw a significant increase in overall eyelash prominence. Those same people also saw their own eyelashes become 106% fuller, 25% longer, and 18% darker! Sounds pretty great to me!

Eye Pieces Plano now carries Latisse! Come visit Dr. Bob and try out the new prescription strength eyelash enhancement! Image



Studies and information are provided by Allergan, the makers of Latisse. 

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The Perfect Shape for Your Face


Choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. There are so many beautiful choices and new styles but the most important thing is that you find the perfect pair for your face. The staff at Eye Pieces Plano has the expert knowledge on what works for you and your personal style. Here is some information that may help you choose the shape for your face.

Heart Shaped Face- (wide forehead and cheekbones; narrow chin)

We recommend a stylish pair of cat eye glasses. The high corners will accentuate your face shape. Cat eye glasses offer a chic twist on a classic frame and come in playful patterns such a tortoise.

Oval Shaped Face- (lengthened round face, narrow features)

This face shape offers the most choices for frames. You can pretty much wear whatever frames you want. Lucky you! We would love to see you in soft angular frames such as squared off aviators or Jackie O style glasses. Don’t be afraid to play with color that accents your skin tone!

Round Face- (equal length and width)

Soft curves and angles are going to look the best on you! Stick with super classic Wayfarer frames in any color or pattern or make your look a little more modern with squared off frames.

Square Face- (broad forehead, square chin, defined jaw)

Round is the way to go for you! You can rock the ultra trendy glasses circle frames right now! Go for the John Lennon look with a pair of metal circle frames or rock the fashionista look with an oversized pair of plastic glasses. This a such a fun look to play around with.

Diamond Face- (narrow forehead, thin jaw, broad cheekbones)

Bring the emphasis up your face with your glasses. Choose a top heavy frame with bold features. A large cat eye will do just that or a more subdued oversized frame! Mix up the textures and play around with mixing metals and plastics.

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A New Year, a New You!

As the new year begins so do the new trends, and of course this includes our favorite accessory, eyewear! Last month, fashion forecaster Stylesight and Eyecessorize worked together to host the Eyewear Product & Trend Review for spring/summer of 2014.  So, what styles should you be sporting this coming year?



The Instagram Look. 

This look has a retro feel and was inspired by the widespread social media craze.  For sunglasses, the Instagram look includes rosy tinted lenses, filtered lenses, or gold tinted lenses.  For both sunglasses and eyeglass frames, the look encompasses the classic tortoise print, soft shapes, and even wooden frames.  Of the four 2014 upcoming trends, this is the one for the girl who wants to play it safe.  The Instagram look is sophistication and style in a subtle yet fashionable way. 


The Mathematical Look.  

For those looking for a more bold change in the coming year, the mathematical look is calling your name.  This look has angular cuts with daring shapes and styles, and these dashing frames should be eloquently complimented by neutral colors.

ImageWe’re talking triangle lenses, hexagonal lenses…any geometric shape will do!  These bold frames place emphasis on the brow bar while still having simplistic contours (thanks to the neutral colors).  For those who want to push their fashion one step further, the mathematical look also brings sophistication to these trend setting frames with black and white patterns as well as matte finish.  


The Aquatic Look. 

While some of us love the neutral and discrete eyewear colors, those of you looking for more of a statement are going to love both the aquatic and garden look.  The aquatic look, inspired of course by the natural beauty of the ocean, includes vibrant blues, turquoises, and teals. These blue hues can be subtle or sharp, and no matter which side of the spectrum you end up on, you’re sure to turn heads.  And it’s not just blues… the aquatic inspired trend also includes partially clear frames, cloudy frames, and textured frames.  



The Garden Look.  

Last but not least, the final eyeglass trend of summer/spring 2014 is the garden look.  This trend is for the free spirit or the girl who wants to make a statement.  Frames can be floral prints, vibrant pinks or earthy greens… any tribute to spring foliage and mother nature will do.  This trend is simply whimsical fun, in whatever form you choose.  Your spring inspired frames, coupled with some mirrored lenses, are sure to make the “New Year” impression you’re looking for!











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The Price of Polarized

There’s no doubt that polarized lenses are more expensive than regular lenses, but are they worth the extra cash?  ABSOLUTELY!  Did you know…

Normal lenses let light rays enter your eyes that are blocked by the filter on polarized lenses.  Not only does this mean a healthier eye, but it also means you see things better and more clearly in your polairzed lenses.  There are 4 main advantages to polarized lenses: 

1. Because of the additional filtration in polarized lenses they reduce glare and improve safety.  How?  Polarized lenses block reflections and thus remove the effects of glare, which improves eye comfort and reduces squinting- which also means fewer wrinkles : ) 

2. With regular lenses, water’s surface reflects everything around it and makes it almost impossible to see through, whereas the material on polarized lenses allows you to see through water’s surface.  

3. We’re all getting older, which means more and more strain on our eyes everyday, and regular lenses aren’t helping! With polarized lenses you don’t have to squint to see clear images, which relieves stress on your eyes and thus reduces redness, fatigue, and headaches associated with eye strain.  

4. They just make everything look better! Polarized lenses reveal colors and images that you won’t see with regular lenses, similar to the difference betwen regular and HD television.

Next time you go to buy a new pair of sunglasses, and you’re trying to decide between saving money and polarized lenses, remember this blog!  The regular lenses might save you a few bucks, but the polarized lenses will save you wrinkles, reduce eyestrain, help you see in water, and show you the world like you’ve never seen it before!  

Come by Eye Pieces Plano for all the fashionable, polarized choices you need! 


Source: http://valleyeyecareaz.com/4-health-benefits-when-wearing-polarized-lenses/

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How sunglasses work


Source: http://jacksonville.com

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Ray-Bans a Timeless Pair of Sunglasses

Ray Bans never go out of style with their classic and retro look. Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are flattering on almost everyone because they have streamlined look and wide tented lenses. Designer sunglasses can be a perfect pair to make any outfit more glamorous and give you a sophisticated look, especially during the summer.

Movie stars have always flocked towards Ray-Bans from the 1950’s – today. The style and designs of these shades are timeless and can bring out your inner movie star. Ray-Bans will give you a classic, iconic look each time your wear them.

Ray-Bans were not just created to be stylish, the shape and lens used on Ray-Bans were also created to help protect your eyes and skin from those harmful UV and UVA sun rays.

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PHOTO CONTEST: Share your Sunglasses Reflection

Share your sunglasses reflection pictures with us on Facebook and you can WIN a

$25 gift card to Eye Pieces Plano!


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